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General plugin settings

After plugin activation you will be redirected to the settings page. If you skip this tep, you can find setting page in admin menu under “Flight Search” section.

Affiliate ID

First of all you will want to submit your affiliate ID. That is important step, to let third-party service know that clients came from you.

White Labels

This widgets have been designed to work with White Labels from the start, and include features such as automatic styling to make your life easier. To use a widget with your White Label you just need to set your domain name option on the plugin settings page.

This option tells widgets to refer users to your White Label and allows it to be themed just like your White Label automatically. Because of this, you don’t need to specify a colour option when using widgets with White Labels. If you do specify a colour it will override the White Label’s theme – so this can still be used when you want to customise widgets further.

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