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There are three blocks available fo free:

  1. Basic Widget — provides a clean and simple tracked referral to flight search.
  2. Location Widget — provides users a pre-filled destination for flight search, leaving them with less details to select when referred to flight search service and allowing them to perform a search immediately.
  3. Simple Flight Search Widget — when you want to provide location and dates controls for flight search on your site, Simple Flight Search Widget gives you everything your user needs to start a search.

And two premium blocks:

  1. Flight Search Widget — similar to the Simple Flight Search Widget, but it provides a more comprehensive control of flight search on your site. It gives you everything your users need to start flight search.
  2. Insider Tips Widgets — designed to provide users with helpful statistical information about flights. The Insider Tips are generated from prices for specific flight routes. There are seven different Insider Tips Widgets available: Month price tips Day of week price tipsWeeks in advance price tips Month popularity tips Day of week popularity tips Typical price tips * Insufficient Data


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