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There are three blocks available fo free:

  1. Basic Widget — provides a clean and simple tracked referral to flight search on Skyscanner or a White Label.
  2. Location Widget — provides users a pre-filled destination for flight search on our site, leaving them with less details to select when referred to Skyscanner and allowing them to perform a search immediately on a White Label.
  3. Simple Flight Search Widget — when you want to provide location and dates controls for flight search on your site, Simple Flight Search Widget gives you everything your user needs to start a search on Skyscanner or a White Label.

And two premium blocks:

  1. Flight Search Widget — similar to the Simple Flight Search Widget, but it provides a more comprehensive control of flight search on your site. It gives you everything your users need to start flight search on Skyscanner or a White Label.
  2. Insider Tips Widgets — designed to provide users with helpful statistical information about flights. The Insider Tips are generated from prices Skyscanner has found for specific flight routes. There are seven different Insider Tips Widgets available: Month price tips Day of week price tipsWeeks in advance price tips Month popularity tips Day of week popularity tips Typical price tips * Insufficient Data


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